The Sports Parents' Association


The SPA provides an impartial support framework for young people and their families participating in sports.

Also working in cooperation with coaches, clubs and other parties associated with sports participation by young people, from ‘grass-roots’ level through to elite sports.”

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The Sports Parents Association (SPA) is a leading independent provider of advice and support to those involved in young people’s  sport.

Making support available to young athletes, their families, clubs and coaches.

 Effective, positive, safe and enjoyable participation in sport at any level, is the right of every child.

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Key Aims of the SPA


Providing impartial, independent, informed advice and support in regards to the development of young people in sport at all partcipation levels.

Helping to facilitate understanding between all parties of their responsibilities in ensuring children have a happy, joyful, confident and successful experience participating in sport.

Assisting families & young sportspeople in having a fair and reasonable opportunity to develop to become part of elite sport’s ‘one per cent’.

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Why Should I (We) Join the SPA


Impartial and informed advice regarding every aspect your child could encounter during their journey through the academy systems.

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We show parents of  sporting youngsters struggling to fully understand the sports ‘system’ how best to support their children to have a happy, joyful, confident and successful experience.

Mel Eves

Founder, Sports Parents Association