Calling All Parents : Help your kids to achieve goals.

SPA (FPA) Founder Mel Eves talks about the FPA and why it is so important in the Sunday Mercury.


In this country, the ” Football Association” has overall governance of the game, the Premier League and the Football League serve the professional clubs. The League Managers’ Association look after the interests of managers and coaches, while the Professional Footballers’ Association is there for players once they become a full-time professional.

But who looks after the wellbeing of our children as they journey through the football system?

Well, who better than parents to best serve the “interests of their own children?

The Football “Parents’ Alliance (FPA) has been formed to meet this need, giving the parents of young footballers somewhere to go for impartial and informed advice on everything their child could encounter during their journey through the football academy system.

Whether you, as a parent, are looking to gain every possible advantage in order to give your child the best chance of being in the one per cent of hopeful youngsters who eventually make it to become a professional footballer, or you want to be sure your child’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing is properly looked after, then you will be in the right place.

The FPA and its panel of experts will provide advice, help and support relating to the child’s physical development, treatment of injuries, self-esteem and confidence issues, mental and emotional intelligence, contracts, communication, bullying and intimidation in all its forms.

The FPA practices a holistic approach and believes that every child is unique. We believe players should have the freedom to express themselves as creative individuals. We encourage the best practice adopted by many clubs, both professional and at grass- roots level.

The FPA has been set up to be of assistance to all concerned, with the wellbeing of the player our overriding concern. The FPA is here to help create the right environment for our children to flourish and to enjoy their experience while coming through a football academy.

Our aim is to empower parents and players to love their football and not be ruled by the fear of failure which affects so many.

We are here to support them and to expose the culture of fear which prevents both parents and players from voicing their concerns when they know that something in an academy just isn’t right.

The vision of the FPAis to see a time when every young player who comes through the football academy system, at any level, does so as a thorough well-rounded and secure individual- whether or not they make it as a professional footballer.


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*Since this article was first published the FPA (Football Parents Alliance) received a number of enquiries and offers of assistance from those parents and participants in other sports, subsequently the FPA graduated to become the SPA (Sports Parents Association) to support the needs of parents and children involved in other sports not just ‘Association Football’.